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Thank You Caps and Wraps Team!

Thank You Caps and Wraps Team!

by Andrea Mosshart, On-Site Coordinator

“We are humbled by your generosity!” These were the thrilled first words of Matron Mamba when she saw the dozens of vibrantly colored caps and wraps being carried into her office. Matron Mamba, who is in charge of the maternity ward at Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital in Manzini, Swaziland, proceeded to inform us of the vast need of the new mothers in her ward. She said that 60% of the mothers we were soon to meet lived below the poverty line and the generous donation would be of immense assistance in taking some of the financial burden off of these mothers. These donations came from a group of dedicated ladies & men who have worked to supply as many newborns as possible with blankets & caps. This group, named Swazi Caps & Wraps, was started after a few women from Bethany First Church heard that mothers in Swaziland did not have blankets & caps to keep their delicate babies warm.

As we walked into the maternity ward, there were several mothers lying in beds filling a long concrete room. We came to one mother that had just given birth the day before. Her name was Yenzokuhle Tsabeolze. Her day old child was only 6 pounds 6 ounces. She was very grateful for the gift of the blanket & cap. The head nurse for the ward expressed her immeasurable gratitude as well. When they thanked us we were able to tell them about the wonderful group of people at Bethany First Church who had worked many hours and put lots of love and care into supplying these beautiful gifts. Before we left, we were able to pray for
the new baby and mother. As we showed Yenzokuhle the pictures that we
had just taken of her baby in his new cap and blanket, her face absolutely beamed with pride.

Thank you for your hard work in ministering to the mothers of Swaziland! It is greatly appreciated!