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Swaziland Project Wins Energy Globe Award

Swaziland Project Wins Energy Globe Award

I am excited when I think about the people from BFC who were part of this exciting and impacting project. Fred Evans had a curiosity and passion to see the community of Sitsatsawani have water in 2008. He worked for several days and tried to fix an old water well in that community. He and Kathy, along with some donors from BFC, provided the first solar-powered water system in drought-stricken Sitsatsawani. Water changed that community. Dr. James and Colleen Copple took this incredible project and wrote a grant to Cola-Cola Foundation and received funding for NCM Swaziland for 50 additional solar-powered systems. Rev. Will and Karis Stemen were in Swaziland and worked with Fred on the installation of that first system. Brent and Rev. Michaele LaVigne were in Swaziland when the “Water for a Generation” project began with Coca-Cola Foundation and NCM and did much to help.

It is truly amazing for NCM in Swaziland to receive the Energy Globe Award for their “Water for a Generation” project that included Coca-Cola Foundation and their funding of solar-powered water systems across Swaziland. As the following article states, it won out over 1,174 projects in 115 countries! 

Here is the article that appeared in the Heart of Africa Newsletter:

Swaziland Wins Energy Globe Award
by Betty van den Berg

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries - Swaziland (NCM-SD), was the proud co-recipient of the Energy Globe Award, beating 1,174 projects from 115 candidate countries. In a room with 20 other guests, Simon Maphanga, the Chairman of NCM-SD, could not hide his enthusiasm when receiving this prestigious Award. This Award, created by the Austrian Trade Commission, is the equivalent of the Oscar Prize for Energy Efficiency. It was initiated in 1999 by Wolfgang Neumann of Austria. Through the years, the Energy Globe Foundation has been giving this award annually to present successful sustainable projects to the world.

The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation has been partnering for three years with NCM-SD, constructing solar powered and hand pumps for boreholes under the Swaziland RAIN project, or Water for A Generation (as it is know at NCM). The use of this modern technology caught the eye of the Award grantors. Dr Beauty Makhubela, the NCM-SD Country Coordinator observed "the Swaziland RAIN project delivers so much more than water, it is literally saving a generation from extinction because it has provided clean water to health clinics who can now initiate and sustain treatment for HIV/AIDS and TB, garden projects that feed HIV/AIDS support groups and orphans, and communities that now have an economic future because they have clean water."

As Regional Coordinator of NCM Africa and Executive Director of Helping Hands Africa, Rev. Cosmos Mutowa said, "we have had the privilege of working hand in hand with communities who have lived for years without water or with access only to dirty water and the diseases it brings. It has been humbling to watch the changes these systems bring as students now pass because they are not spending hours a day fetching water for the school instead of learning; that patients and nurses in rural communities now have access to clean water and HIV/AIDS care and treatment; that people living with AIDS are able to grow their own food to improve their health and their economic status at the same time; that orphans are being fed and cared for in nurturing environments."

The project represents many life transforming initiatives that the Church of the Nazarene is carrying out in many communities throughout Africa. We praise God for yet another milestone in the work in Africa. Helping Hands Africa works in partnership with the Church of the Nazarene, building capacity and providing technical support to projects in child development, community development (including water & sanitation), HIV/AIDS, and disaster response.

Read the article published in the Swazi Observer Newspaper.