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Standard Treatment Book

Standard Treatment Book

Dr. Terry Hall has served in Swaziland and in Papua New Guinea as a medical missionary. While in Papua New Guinea, he experienced the impact that a small book on standardized care had on the healthcare of the people. He heard discussions in Swaziland how they needed this same type of book to provide standardized information that every health care provider could use.

Dr. Hall took up the challenge. He invested 3,000 hours personally, serving as a researcher and editor. Many physicians and nurses played vital roles in contributing to the book. Dr. Raymond Bitchong, chief of staff at Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital (RFM) was a partner to Dr. Hall in providing leadership. Many physicians from RFM contributed as well.

An anonymous donor through Dr. James Copple provided printing of this first manual that has gone to every health care provider at Raleigh Fitkin and their 17 clinics.

A second edition with an updated section on HIV/AIDS will be printed for the Ministry of Health clinics and hospitals in Swaziland.


  • Dr. Raymond Bitchong, MD, MPH, Msc
  • Bryan Boatman, PharmD
  • Joseph Colaizzi, RN, BSN
  • Dr. J.D. Crooks, MD
  • Janet Ellingson, RN, ARNP
  • Dr. Athena Friese, MD
  • Dr. Joseph Garlett, DC
  • Dr. Getahun Tsegaye Tesfa, MD, Paediatrician
  • Susan Hall, BS
  • Dr. Terry Hall, MD, FAAFP
  • Dr. Erin Hummert, MD
  • Dr. Georges Kimba, MBChB
  • Randy Moore, RPharm
  • Dr. Siphile B.V. Msane, MD
  • Arlene Musa Ngwenya, RN
  • Dr. Pawelos Seyoum Beshah, MD
  • Dr. Kyle Rickner, MD
  • Dr. Paul Rothwell, MD
  • Dr. Tim Rothwell, DDS
  • Dr. Ami Siems, MD
  • Lori Stewart, RN
  • Dr. John Williams, MD