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On-site Coordinators

Jess Jenkinson
July 2017-November 2017

Jess Jenkinson – In 2015, Jess spent a year with the Great Race where he served in 11 countries over an 11-month period. Three of those countries were in Africa in Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. He has a great heart for missions and encourages others to follow Christ.

Jess also has a finance degree from Southern Nazarene University and is very interested in projects concerning microfinance and job creation. He joined discussions with Bill Dillard, Dr. Tom Herskowitz, and Krista Bruton about microfinance at Manna Farms in Siteki, Swaziland and how there could be new jobs for these bi-vocational pastors. He had already agreed to go and serve from July until mid-November as the SNU Morningstar Coordinator and has also agreed to serve as the BFC onsite coordinator in the absence of Rev. Dale and Emmalyn German who were unable to serve as planned in 2017.

Rev. Ron and Sara Willard     
2015-2016 On-Site Coordinators        

BFC welcomes our onsite coordinators for 2015-2017, Rev. Ron and Sara Willard. They have served for 14 years as Nazarene missionaries in Zambia, South Africa, and opened the work for the Church of the Nazarene in Botswana. They retired in October 2014 from pastoral ministry and from serving for a total of 42 years as pastors and missionaries. They are excited to return to Africa as BFC's on-site coordinators. We welcome Rev. Ron and Sara Willard to the Swaziland Partnership as our ambassadors and representatives.                                                                       


C. Dale and Emmalyn German                                  
2014-2015 On Site Coordinators

Join the German's as they partner with our Swaziland friends for the next year by reading their blog entries.

Seth and Kaylee Carley                                                                                                               
2013-2014  On Site Coordinators

You can follow the Carley's as they journey through their   
year in Swaziland by reading their blog entries.   

Dustin and Amanda Hogan
2012-2013 On-Site Coordinators

Dustin and Amanda served as on-site coordinators from 2012-2013. You can follow their journey as they served and learned in Swaziland by reading their blog entries.

You can read their blog entries here.

Evan and Andrea Mosshart
2011-2012 On-Site Coordinators

Evan and Andrea served as on-site coordinators from 2011-2012.  You can follow their journey as they served and learned in Swaziland by reading entries made to their blog.

Andy and Amy Curry
2010-2011 On Site Coordinators

Andy and Amy Curry served as on-site-coordinators in Swaziland from 2010-2011. You can follow their adventures in Africa on their blog. Read their latest blog entry.

Brent and Michaele LaVigne
2009- June, 2010 On-site Coordinators

Brent and Michaele LaVigne served as our on-site coordinators in Swaziland from 
2009-June 2010. You can follow their journey on their blogsite as they served in Africa
preparing the way for future on-site coordinators and GO teams. Read their blog entries.

Rev. Will and Karis Stemen                                                
2008-2009 On-site Coordinators                                                             

Will and Karis served as our very first on-site coordinators in
Swaziland from 2008-2009.  Their efforts laid the foundation
for our continuing partnership with the Swaziland people,
developing a network of friends to coordinate the joining of our
two cultures for work projects and service.



New On-Site Coordinators

If you are interested in serving as an on-site coordinator, we are always eager to receive applications for this very important assignment.  It is a volunteer, unpaid position, but also a life changing opportunity.