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Ntondozi Child Development Centre in Swaziland

Ntondozi Child Development Centre in Swaziland

Bethany First Church of the Nazarene is partnering with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries on our first Child Development Centre in swaziland. This centre, located at the Ntondozi Church of the Nazarene, will work with the neediest children in their community to provide a daily meal, clothing, education, medical care, and the opportunity to learn about Jesus.

You can personally help the children of Ntondozi.

Learn more about the children from Ntondozi in these stories written by BFC's onsite coordinator in Swaziland, Amy Curry:

Philiswa's Story
When introduced to a three year old little boy who has his shirt tucked in, his belt snug, and his khakis clean you would never suspect the overwhelming challenges he faces every day at home. You can make difference in the life of Philiswa and others like him at the new Ntondozi Child Development Centre in Swaziland.

Philiswa Dlamini is three years old. His mother is paralyzed, unable to work, and his father lives on another homestead without work. This leaves Philiswa and his younger sibling hungry, “starving” to quote his teacher. With no means of support, his mother and their entire family are desperate and very vulnerable. Their home is always full of men; either taking advantage of her or giving her something in return for her body. What options do you have when your children are starving and you have no skill?

Philiswa is very timid, spending most of his time in the background. There are many situations where his anger overflows leading to fights with other children. Thank the Lord for the Ntondozi Church and the love and support they are giving to Philiswa. He now has a safe place where he can go daily to find compassion and food.

Nokwethu's Story
Whenever the children of Ntondozi sing songs there is one little girl who sings louder than all the rest. Her name is Nokwethu and she is five years old. You would never know the sorrow she feels from the way she sings. Nokwethu lives with Grandmother because both of her parents are deceased. However, Nokwethu believes that her mother is still living. Her family has told her that her mother is sick and in the hospital. Her father passed away six months before her mother. They fear her mother’s death would be too much information for her to cope with. Nokwethu already has trouble with depression. The teacher has to force her to eat and she cries when her family is mentioned.

Nokwethu is cared for by her grandmother, but her grandmother has ten other children to care for. Here low, unsteady income is not enough to feed the children and pay for their school fees. The partnership with BFC is already making a difference in Nokwethu’s life. Her actions show that she is craving love and affection. The love she shows to GO Team members is priceless. She is quick to smile and not shy to sing. Nokwethu will often grab the visitor’s hands and hold their hands up to her cheeks, not wanting to let go.

Lungiswa and Melokule's Story
Giving birth to twins is often seen as a curse in Swaziland. Imagine having two sets of twins amongst your eight children. Swaziland tradition would see you as cursed. That is the weight three year old twins Lungiswa and Melokune must carry.

Last year their father died leaving behind eight children and a widow. Lungiswa and Melokule’s mother is fortunate to have a job at the Swazi canning company. She spends her days peeling oranges to be canned. Unfortunately she has to leave her home at 5 a.m. and returns home at 6:00 p.m. Still she is not making enough money to feed her eight children.

Due to poor health and hunger, Lungiswa and Melokule look younger than their age. Their energy level is very low and their expressions are typically stoic – rarely showing their emotion. While Lungiswa loves to sing songs and do all the motions that come with them, and Melokule becomes a different child full of energy when he has a soccer ball to kick, still they show no emotion on their face. We are thankful to the Ntondozi Church, for it is not only a place for Lungiswa and Melokule to receive food. It is a place where they are exposed to joy, love, and a place to play.

You can make an incredible difference in the lives of the children in Swaziland. Thank you for praying these children and for your financially support.

If you have questions or desire more information, please contact Barbi Moore, Director of Global Outreach, at (405) 789-2050 or