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"Hallelujah Swaziland" CD and DVD

"Hallelujah Swaziland" CD and DVD

Hallelujah Swaziland is a joint musical venture with Bethany First and Swazi Nazarene musicians. Blending the songs and voices of two nations, Hallelujah Swaziland is a bridge between two cultures demonstrating the unity of spirit we enjoy. Rev. Harlan Moore, Minister of Worship Arts at Bethany First, had the inspiration for this project. He led recording and video sessions in both continents to bring this dream to fruition.

Many of the songs are common to both, while others were chosen specifically to express our prayers for one another. Songs range from contemporary (Michael W. Smith’s A New Hallelujah) to gospel (He Took My Sins Away) to children (This Little Light of Mine) to sacred classics (Hallelujah Chorus).

Originally recorded as a CD in 2009, the entire project was presented to the BFC congregation in a worship celebration which was captured on DVD with BFC musicians performing live and Swazi musicians on prerecorded video. Both the original CD and the performance DVD are available for purchase. Proceeds go to benefit the Swaziland Partnership.

To purchase a CD or DVD please contact Paige Huntington at or call 405/789-2050.