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First BFC Jubilee Project

First BFC Jubilee Project

By Amy Curry

Embekulweni Church of the Nazarene is located in the beautiful hills surrounding Manzini. Pastor Siyabonga Kunene, 28 years old, has been pastoring the church for the past four years. Pastor Kunene is currently taking the summer off from classes, but will reside as a full time seminary student in August. He has been attending the Nazarene Theology School to receive his degree in theology. He is extremely dedicated to his studies and his church.

One of his goals as pastor is to finish the building of a new church.
This church has been under construction for the past ten years. In Swaziland building is done differently: they build as they receive money. For example, if the congregation raises enough for twenty cinder blocks, they purchase the blocks and add to what they have already started. The congregation has been raising funds and recently raised enough to plaster the church.

The timing could not be more perfect for Bethany First Church to come and partner with the church. Due to the next step in the construction being the roof, which is an expensive step. Imagine the years it would take to raise the funds for the roof. God continues to show His faithfulness as He directed the hearts and steps of the partnership in taking BFC to Embekulweni.